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Long Live The King : CD Available

     This site is my way of personally thanking all of the players, past, present, and dearly departed, and the many adaptations, of this forever popular Minneapolis band.
     The 1997 reunion of all the surviving original members was the spark that reignited my adoration for Johnny, Bobby, Jody, Robert, and the late Joseph Behrend.
     This will be an ongoing project and I solicit your help in making it happen. There must be many people who have seen the band at one time or another in the past twenty years. If you would like to help out in any way with photos, posters, stories, recordings, etc.

Please contact me using the e-mail link below.

Oh's Web Site started October 19, 1997

All the rights to the material at this site are reserved with the original artists.

Scheduled Flamin' Oh's Shows

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Flamin' Oh's - 2007
Robert, Jody, Bobby, Terry, Bob

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Listen to "Live" Flamin' Oh's Songs

Artist Title Song Recorded
Flamin' Oh's* Smart Girl ~~ Smart Girl ~~ Live @ the Mill City Music Fest
Mill City Music Fest '97
Flamin' Oh's* Talk Like That ~~ Talk Like That ~~ Live @ O' Gara's Garage
O' Gara's Garage '97
Flamin' Oh's* We Do What We Like ~~ We Do What We Like ~~ Live @ St. Paul
New Year's Eve '97
Flamin' Oh's* Alone In The Dark ~~ Alone In The Dark ~~ Live @ Fine Line
Fine Line '99
Robert Wilkinson Inside Out ~~ Inside Out ~~ Studio Track
Snow Studio '99
Flamin' Oh's Every Game Has A Name ~~ Every Game Has A Name ~~ Live @ Cabooze
Cabooze '99
Flamin' Oh's Paradise Avenue ~~ Paradise Avenue ~~ Live @ O' Gara's Garage
O' Gara's Garage '99
Flamin' Oh's That's Just Fine With Me ~~ That's Just Fine With Me ~~ Live @ Fine Line
Fine Line '00
Flamin' Oh's New Life ~~ New Life ~~ Live @ Fine Line
Fine Line '01
Flamin' Oh's Big Love ~~ Burn ~~ Live @ Fine Line
Fine Line '01
* with Johnny Rey

Flamin' Oh's Links

  the Oh's 1985 eXXtra Cablecast @  
Get Up & Dance
Little By Little
Livin' In America

Flamin' Oh's Live 2007 Videos @
Big Love
It's A Wonderful Life

Flamin' Oh's 2007 Induction
MN Rock & Country Hall of Fame

Flamin' Oh's Stage Plot
Technical Info

Flamin' Oh's Minnewiki
MN Music Encyclopedia

Now Available ~ Flamin' Oh's ~ Apple iTunes
Long Live The King
1st Two Albums

Minnesota Jukebox
Long Live the King

Flamin' Oh's on
MySpace Music

Flamin' Oh's win its first-ever MMA trophy
2006 Best Locally Released Recording

Flamin' Oh's Music Videos @
I Remember Romance

John Michael Rey
Johnny Rey @

Pulse of the Twin Cities
Long Live The King

Minnesota Historical Society
Duffy's 3rd Aniversary T-shirt

Flamin' Oh's CD Release
Nothing Says Xmas Like...

Minnesota's Fifty Greatest Hits
I'm the Gun by Flamingo

You Asked For It !
1st Two LPs On CD

Break'er Records
Rock 'n' Roll Requiem

Flamin' Oh's 2004
Jim Walsh : Rock of Ages

Robert Wilkinson 2004
Jim Walsh : Heroes

Favorite Local Reissues
Peter S. Scholtes : Old School

The Flamin' Oh's - Back in Action

City Pages Picks Best of the Twin Cities 2003
Best Old Band

Gary Snow - 1956--2002
Gary Snow ~ 1956--2002

Robert Wilkinson 2002
Sursumcorda Radio Hour

Young Spuds in a Longhorn Daze
20+ years ago !


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